“Mirror Person” Successfully Cured

The stomach and spleen grow on the right side of our body, while the liver and gallbladder grow on the left side. Like the mirror image of a normal person, Ms. Zhou is a "mirror person" with an incidence rate of about one in a million. Recently hepatobiliary surgery experts in Wuhan University Remin Hospital used "reverse thinking" to adjust surgical habits, surgical approaches, surgical methods, etc., and successfully resected the diseased gallbladder for Ms. Zhou.

Ms. Zhou, 60 years old, felt faint pain in her left upper abdomen five months ago, and this pain was increased in previous two weeks, and she often suffered from vomiting and fever. After detailed consultation and meticulous examination, Director Youming Ding of our hospital highly suspected that she may have acute calculus cholecystitis,which was confirmed later by ultrasound and CT imaging examination.In the same time it turned out that Ms. Zhou is a rare "mirror person," who is medically called “SIV” and needs to undergo gallbladder resection. Because Ms. Zhou has undergone upper abdominal surgery in the past, there are adhesions in the abdominal cavity, which makes it more difficult for the second operation. After detailed preoperative preparation and surgical planning, Director Ding Youming decided to use "reverse thinking" to perform laparoscopic gallbladder resection for her.

Based on Ms. Zhou’s condition, Youming Ding's medical team conducted detailed preparation and planning before surgery, including the occupation of the operator, the placement of the skin punctured by Troca, the special equipment that probably used during the operation, and the way to establish the pneumoperitoneum. The separation of abdominal adhesions and the anatomical operation of the gallbladder were accurately arranged. The difficulty of surgery wasfully estimated, and the operating room and anesthesiology department werecommunicated in advance to jointly assess and protect the patient in the operation. After thorough and comprehensive preparation, strict implementation of each step in the surgical anatomy and anesthesia, the patient's operation was successfully completed, with little bleeding during the operation. Finally, the patient recovered and was discharged within 3 days.

Associate Professor Bin Wang said that, in order to do such surgery for "mirror people", doctors need to transpose thinking, adjust the routineoperating habits, focus on the local anatomical reversal and variation, and also pay attention to the cooperation of the surgical team. These are important aspects to ensure the success of this operation. Although the "mirror person" is all misplaced, but the relationship between the organs has not change, and the physiological function is the same as that of normal people.

(Transferred by Wang Bin)

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