Reproductive Medicine Center Clinical Research Resultis published again in the New England Journal of Medicine

Recently, a multi-center randomized controlled clinical trial“Transfer of Fresh versus Frozen Embryos in Ovulatory Women” was published in New England Journal of Medicine (IF: 72.4, N Engl J Med 2018, 378(2): 126-136). This large- scale RCT research was organized by Chen Zijiang,the vice president of Shandong University andDr. Yang Jing team of Renminhospital of Wuhan university played a vital role in it

The research was jointly completed by plenty of ART centers including Shandong University, Renji Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Renmin hospital of Wuhan university, and over 20 Reproductive Medicine Centers across the country focusing on the controversy and confusion about the appliance of current infertility treatment "test tube baby" which was also called "in vitro fertilization" technology. This randomizedcontrolledtrial was designed on scientific bases and conducted with rigorous multi-center samples.The result of this research suggested there was no significant difference between fresh embryo transfer and fertilized embryo transfer in the survival rate and the potential disease in maternal period and provideda further high-quality medical evidence for clinical andindividualizeddiagnosis and treatment for infertility. This research provided a strongly reasonable base for the patients accepting a “full embryo freezing - frozen embryo transplantation” strategy concerning to their maximized benefit, treatment effectiveness, long-term safety evaluation and value for individualized application. It was expected to play a positive role in the future revision and implementation of clinical practice and clinical treatment guidelines for assisted reproductive technology.

In recent years, under the leadership of Dr. Yang Jing, the leader of the Reproductive Medicine Center of our hospital, we dedicate ourselves to the latest research trends in the field of reproductive medicine, and actively participate in multidisciplinary, multi-center, large-scale clinical research and momentous basic research projects. Through closely academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation with top experts in the field of reproductive medicine at home and abroad, we constantly improve the academic status and influence of our reproductive center in the domestic reproductive medicine field. It was reported that our hospital is the only institution in Hubei area that has participated in the project as the main completion unit which indicated that the academic research of the reproductive center team of our hospital has been highly recognized by the peers and gradually entered the domestic top-ranking level.This was also the second multi-center study that our hospital was regarded as the main completion unit published in the New England Journal.

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